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Omnivita specialises in sourcing and reselling US imported brands across the UK and Europe at highly competitive prices. We are proud to be the UK and European Sole Distributor for the world-renowned Bragg Live Products, ranging from the popular apple cider vinegar to all-natural salad dressings and seasonings.

Bragg apple cider vinegar in the UK

From weight loss and detoxing to arthritis relief, the health benefits of apple cider vinegar are diverse and varied, making it a powerful product for any household, much like ordinary vinegar! Bragg apple cider vinegar can even be used as a natural hair product, improving the strength and shine of your hair.

Apple cider vinegar is so good for you that Bragg offer it in a variety of flavoured, bottled drinks to make it even more palatable. Completely organic and readily portable, our flavoured Bragg apple cider vinegar drinks will really shake up your diet! Experience the power of apple cider vinegar for yourself today at Omnivita.

Bragg liquid aminos in the UK

Finding a natural, delicious alternative to soy sauce can be a real challenge. Bragg liquid aminos can make a world of difference, allowing you to enjoy Asian food with a fully natural alternative to unhealthy soy and tamari sauces.

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Lovely fresh mild taste, I drink it with lemon and water and a bit of agave and its delicious. Also use it to pickle red onions for salads. Great for bloating and digestion, also good for the skin. Will definitely be ordering more. Delivered very quickly too.

Sandra Teece

Love this product. It is so versatile and natural. You can use it as a facial toner (diluted), internal cleanser which helps with colds not to mention the wonders it does for your hair. Excellent value this four pack- I have only recently discovered it.

Betty B

Healthy living. A drop in water created a brilliant probiotic and ups the stomachs acid. Doctor had. Me on proton pump inhibitors I needed the opposite more stomachs acid . it works

Paul Bell

Brilliant product, cleared up my throat infection in no time! Use this a lot, great for everything.

Lisa Mac

I bought this product on the back of reading that it could help with Rheumatoid Arthritis and for me it definitely has! Taking it twice a day has reduced the swelling & stiffness by more than 50%, for those who are suffering with RA give it a go! Only downside - the taste!

Vinod Palon

Ok let's be honest, this stuff tastes vile. I'm sure we were all hoping it was going to taste like a nice Scrumpy Jack cider.. but this is vinegar - let's be clear about that. But like all good medicine, the worst tasting ones have the best benefits. Now that's out of the way, we can talk about the benefits of this little wonder. Bragg's is a good quality brand, and has plenty of 'mother' in it, which gives it its thick cloudy appearance. It has amino acids, antioxidants, and has plenty of pro-biotic effects for your body.

It is proven to lower blood sugar, which is handy for people who suffer with diabetes, can be used on skin to combat acne, hair to combat dandruff, and can aid your body in becoming alkaline, which is a massive boost to your immune system.

it certainly does aid weightloss as well, helping to flush out your system, boost your metabolism, reduce excess water and suppress appetite - it has certainly worked for me. The list of pro's goes on and on, but there really is only one bad thing and that's the taste. i have tried loads of different methods, and the best one for me is putting a tablespoon into a shot of lemon cordial and necking it in one go - so dont give up on it because of the taste, find your own way to be able to stomach it - and enjoy the wonderful benefits the cider vinegar can give you


Ordered this on the recommendation of my cousin who buys it in California as from what I've read from other reviews it is the best on the market. I bought the smaller bottle, 454 mls to try out, very good value for money and after one month my husband has seen a huge improvement in acid reflux and bloating. My hairdresser says that my the texture of my hair has thickened and she feels it definitely from the vitamins and minerals in the Apple Cider Vinegar. I bought it to help with nighttime leg cramps to which their has been some improvement. I've now bought the 946 ml bottle as its cheaper and plan to continue for the foreseeable future. We started with 5 mls once per day before breakfast with around 100 mls water. To start it is very bitter but you soon get used to that. After 2 weeks we increased to 5 mls twice per day, before meals and now I take 5 mls in the morning and 5 mls in a large glass of water and sip in the evening before bed to help with the leg cramps. You can get other brands in your local grocery stores but I don't know how good they are. Suggest you read all the reviews on this product & then make up your mind.

Lucy Kelly

I try and take this about 2-3 times a week. I have to say that it definitely takes away the craving for sugary food... I'm assuming this is why it MAY be linked to weight loss.
I have used it diluted to clean my dogs ears, it does help. I've used it on my hair diluted 1:1 with water after washing, it makes it very clean and the vinegar smell does not linger.
I also take this if I feel a cold coming on and it does seem to help, although may just be a coincidence!
It also lasts a long time so is very good value for money.

Jeni Scanlan

Love this stuff! It eliminates spots after a couple days and gives you an energy boost if drunk every morning. I mix 1tbs with 1/2cup of water and vitamin c effervescent

Amazon Customer

I had really bad acne breakout due to medication I had to take for Ulceritive Colitis. After many steroid creams, face washes and lazer treatments my acne was still coming back. I decided to take a more holistic route to treating my acne and read that ACV has so many health benefits.

After using Braggs ACV for a month taking 3 /4 shots a day with water (though a straw to stop my enamel on my teeth wearing away) and also applying it to my skin, twice a day ( diluted down) my skin had an amazing glow, my acne stopped breaking out so badly and eventually I had only small spots here and there. After 2/3 months my skin was clear. The ACV balances out the PH in your skin and stops bacteria that cause acne! A magical product! I now use and buy religiously! It has changed my life :)


Best decision i made in buying this product! Really is working for my health issues and now my whole family are hooked!


Sure some people like the taste but i hate it :-), BUT, this is a great product, bought for health reasons like most people i am sure

M Goodrumon